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Details, Benefits, Code, Call Rate etc Of Glo New Yakata Plan

As the brand that consistently creates inventive items that convey best an incentive for cash, Globacom Nigeria has declared the dispatch of GLO NEW YAKATA prepaid arrangement, which is presently the default plan on all new Glo SIMs.

The NEW GLO YAKATA plan is a duty plan which brags of energizing advantages, will compensate new and existing Glo supporters with astounding advantages each time they revive their Glo lines. These advantages incorporate free information for web perusing, free Glo to Glo calls and free reward broadcast appointment to call other GSM organizes in Nigeria.

New Glo Yakata Benefits

Contingent upon sum revived, Glo clients that are on the New Glo Yakata plan will get astonishing an incentive as pursues:

Up to 6GB FREE information Every Month for a half year!

A challenging multiple times esteem (2,200%) on each N100 energize to call ALL NETWORKS

You will get an extraordinary information reward on your first revive of the month for a half year

Incentive in primary record just as esteem inALL NET VOICE reward record can be utilized to call All systems

Incentive in ON NET VOICE reward record can be utilized to call Glo lines

New Glo Yakata Code for Migration

In the event that you need to relocate to the new glo yakata plan, the movement code is : *230#

How To Check New Glo Yakata Balance?

Dial 2301# on your Glo line on the off chance that you need to check the parity of your Glo new yakata reward.

Same technique applies on the off chance that you need to check glo yakata mb balance.

Levy, Call Rate On New Glo Yakata Plan

• All calls are charged at 70k/sec for both fundamental and extra records

• SMS is charged at N4/msg from primary record and N14/msg from reward account

Your calls will be charged first from your reward account. You might be charged from primary record if the reward account is completely exhausted/terminates, in the event that you are making universal calls or paying for esteem included administrations.

The most effective method to Unsubscribe from New Glo Yakata Plan

In the event that you need to quit New Glo Yakata plan, basically dial the code of the Glo tax plan you are relocating to. First relocation inside a month is free; ensuing movements around the same time draw in a charge of N100 per relocation.

New Glo Yakata FAQs

Sympathetically find beneath, FAQs for more subtleties on Glo New Yakata duty membership :

I am as of now a Glo Customer; Can I Subscribe to New Glo Yakata?

Indeed, just dial *230#to buy in to New Glo Yakata bundle.

Will I get Yakata benefits on the off chance that I revive with Glo e-Top Up?

Indeed, Glo New Yakata is accessible on both physical and e-energize stages.

How would I utilize the New Glo Yakata Data Benefit?

On the off chance that your telephone is information empowered, you can begin perusing when you energize and get affirmation message of your voice and information advantage.

What occurs in the event that I havean existing information plan before energizing?

The New Yakata extra information will be added to your current information volume and the higher legitimacy time frame overrides. For instance in the event that you have a current information plan of 2GB with 30 days legitimacy and you energize with N200, you will get 50MB reward with 250MB on first revive and your new information offset will be 2.3GB with 30 days legitimacy.

How would I utilize the Glo New Yakata Social Data Benefit?

Social information advantage (chatter) must be utilized for Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine a scenario where I’m unfit to expend all my New Yakata Bonus inside the Validity Days.

Unused reward can’t be continued except if another revive is made inside the 7 days reward legitimacy period.

Would i be able to gather my New Yakata rewards?

Truly, every energize you make will build the absolute broadcast appointment balance in your New Yakata reward account.

Can reward legitimacy days be amassed?

NO, Maximum accessible reward legitimacy days whenever is 7 days

Can the reward broadcast appointment be utilized to buy in for any esteem included administration?

NO, all esteem included administration memberships will be charged from principle account

Would i be able to make universal calls with the reward?

NO, all universal calls will be charged from primary record.

Would i be able to impart my Yakata reward to another Glo client?

NO, any incentive in the reward account isn’t shareable or transferrable.

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